Gera's River of Joy

It was really a great experience to attend the Dale Carnegie Workshop which concluded on Monday last week.
Webinar has now become part of our life style. However it is still it is in evolution face.
Even then I could able to catch with this style effectively.
Trainers are very good and able to convey the training Motto to me.
It was not one way but both ways training wherein trainers made each participant to be a part of it.
That was really good. A good interactive training.
My comments against each workshop are as follows:
Workshop 1- Managing Workplace:
Methodology discussed to overcome the stress is good. I have started to use this to deal stress related issues.
Workshop 2 - Disagree Agreeably and Time Management
It taught me to be assertive and convey my view point to others effectively
Workshop 3 - Build Trust, Credibility & Respect
Trust is back bone to get success at any work place. The different tactics discussed to earn trust are helping me a lot.
Workshop 4 - Self Awareness Leading with Emotional Intelligence -Part 1
Discussed a lot on self awareness & emotional intelligence
Workshop 6 - Public Speaking
Various tactics discussed to be an effective presenter. When this are actually put into use, outcome will be amazing

Gera's Song of Joy: Puja Agrawal

Firstly I would like to thank you and Gera to planning and organizing such a good and fruitful workshop with amazing and enthusiastic coaches. Whole workshop was held very smoothly.It Was nicely presented with very good insightful content. I started doing more introspection of myself inorder to understand things better. I learn how one can be stress-free be at home or workplace with self awareness and following some good principles. Some of them we practically did in sessions. A series of interactive sessions through which I could learn the concepts from different perspectives and with different situation in hand for different participants.
Participant manual is also very helpful so that it can be practiced afterwards too. Overall it was a very good learning experience and looking forward for more such workshops , it really help us in different areas of life.

Gera's River of Joy: Nandita

This was my first time experience with the Gera's ChildCentric Academies. I encountered the Dale Carnegie Training Institute over the weekend of 28th of May 2020. They covered topics like Managing Workplace Stress, Disagree Agreeably and Time Management, Build Trust, Credibility & Respect, And Self Awareness Leading with Emotional Intelligence. I was not expecting the program to be so informative and so professionally handled. Now having had a first hand encounter, I am really keen on participating as best as possible in the Learning Academies. Thank you Gera team for this platform which gave us an insight into ourselves, and also gave scientific tips on how we can get better and keep improving.

Gera's Song of Joy: Deepshikha Mishra

The 5 days workshop from Dale Carnegie Training Institute was something I have been wanting to do from a very long time and this lockdown made it possible. Thank you everyone for all your support and cooperation. Such training and up-skilling is really very important and helpful in this CoVid time when most of us are facing work environment challenges, furlough and lay-offs. All the trainers were really good and especially Aditi Jhulka. I thoroughly enjoyed all her sessions which were very interactive and lively. There were many takeaways from these sessions that I would like to incorporate in my personal and professional life.
I look forward to many such sessions in future and would love attend all of them with my better half.
Thank you so much team Gera for making this happen.

Gera's Song of Joy: Tina

It is indeed super that Gera gave us this opportunity to take part in sessions by Dale Carnegie.
I thoroughly enjoyed myself and gained a lot of insight to topics that will help me in my daily work life.
I really appreciate that in times like these, where we are all locked up at home, you guys made an effort to bring in a big name and kept us engaged as well as helped us up our knowledge.
With these sessions, I gained a lot of insight to myself and will definitely implement my learnings at work and in my personal life as well.
Thank you once again for this effort. Much much appreciated.
Warm regards and love.

Gera's Song of Joy: Rohit Shahdeo

Vivaan's been going for swimming workshops at Song of Joy and it has been an enjoyable experience for him.
It certainly has helped him become a more able and confident swimmer.
For swimming alone, we can say it's been a great experience and the mentors have been very helpful to him.
Plus they make these sessions enjoyable for children as it should be, which I guess keeps them hooked too.
We would earnestly like to thank Gera for providing this literally at our doorstep.
We're definitely looking forward to enrolling him in more workshops in the near future.

Gera's Song of Joy: Krinal Dewangan

Saina at her learning stage is able to grasp a lot of things at once.
Glad to be associated with Gera on this, she not only enjoyed the swimming lessons but learnt a lot of other stuff as well. Sports builds your character and the learning gained from will help her in long run.
I fully recommend this workshops and encourage the team to come up with more if it so that the residents can not only enjoy the workshops but the facility as well.

Gera's Song of Joy: Puneet Agrawal

We do get updates over all the electronic mediums in time. Vidhi is very happy with evolve and we are happy in her happiness. Unfortunately, she couldn't attend most of the academies as it seems she needs another year, to be able to get the most out of the curriculum.
She did attend a session each of the chess and theatre academies, and enjoyed thoroughly, especially the theatre academy.
We are looking forward to enroll her in more in coming months starting with the winter funk and will provide some detail feedback after that.
By then, We hope to get some more workshops suitable for her age group.

Gera's Song of Joy: Shelly and Siddharth Pandey

These are times of unfulfilled promises, lack of trust and integrity, habitual callousness, never-ending stories of greed, and scores of disgruntled folks. Add to that market uncertainties and Govt policies' dynamics, and what you have is an elongated 'Hold' caution from property experts. Yet, we drudged up enough courage, reasoned against well-wishers, ignored logic and notion, and went with our heart to invest in Gera's Song of Joy. After all, we were investing in our child's future! It is said that to move is dangerous but to sit back is surely terminal. So we moved, and what a move it turned out to be! Nothing can match the success when your high risk investment bears fruit in a relative short span of time. We have been extremely happy, so far, with the programs Gera has offered in partnership with the various academies. Aanya has participated in Dramatics/Dale Carnegie/Music/ and Dance programs with unabridged glee.
As her parents, Shelly and I, share with delight her engagement levels in these offerings. Aanya amazes us with her brilliance and it gives us immense pleasure to share her happiness - credit to her mentors and instructors. We can envision the long term continuous learning that Aanya will enjoy as she grows as an individual and charters her path to success. We join many other Song of Joy families to sing with joy as we continue to enjoy living here! Above all is your contribution to everyone's happiness, Anita. Your hard work, tireless coordination, eloquent messages, heartfelt well-wishes, and genuine affection for each child inspires us everyday. We may not be able to show our gratitude to you when we meet, but please be assured that we truly treasure your presence in our children's lives. Hope to achieve more happiness together. Thank you! Proud Parents of Aanya.

Gera's Song of Joy: Navjeet, Jaspal and little Samar

Thanks for this wonderful opportunity and it was really an experience meeting Anil Kumble in person. In my opinion, it is a great way to connect with "Song of Joy" project with a sense of pride as well as trust.

The event was organized very well and the staff was very courteous & helpful though out. This is our second property with Gera and events like these reaffirm our faith in this relationship.

Gera's Song of Joy: Kashish and Sunil Kriplani

To just to say "wow" or "amazing" will not help me to explain that what I had explore. I am very lucky to be a part of Gera. They are giving me that kind of opportunity like to" meet the legend" or "access to success" which r hard to search in my way.

I couldn't ever think about that how easily I met Mr. Anil Kumble. It was just like a dream comes true. I just want to say GERA is the cause to make my dreams true. Thank you GERA.

Gera's Song of Joy : Monica and Nimish Kasar for Harshal and Sadhana Rokade

First, thank you very much for letting Riddhi n Siddhi attend that great session. The activities that you had the children done during those two days were amazing and we can see how my daughters were excited all about it. And most amazing thing was the last day orientation. We were really amazed by those demonstrations which first looked like magic or supernatural to us! :)My daughters are actually using the memorizing tricks in their studies they learned and their actions are pretty much energetic after the workshop. They also started doing the Brain Yoga daily which is really great.So overall I would say it was a great experience and also the great learning for both children as well as we parent. We are now looking forward to the discussion once the biometric based reports are available.Thanks again for the great opportunity especially for Riddhi and Siddhi that we are sure is greatly helpful in their development.

Gera's Song of Joy: Deeksha Rajpal

I’ve been training under the Swimming Academy for the last 2 months, and here is how my experience with the Academy at Gera’s has been thus far. This hobby started out of inquisitiveness, merely as a means for recreation. It was not something that I thought I would be interested in and I thought that I would disengage, after the initial excitement wore off.To my pleasant surprise the sport was invigorating, and most importantly the coaches understood how to make me progress. I started liking it for day 2 onwards. There were times when the routine got to me, but it was the coaches belief in me that I could do it, that actually pushed me into doing the sets that were scheduled for me for the class. I started achieving small steps and felt rather good about it. As an outcome, I felt my spirit refreshed and my determination renewed. I personally wanted to achieve more, one step at a time. I have to say “ Thank you for believing in me and pushing me when I did not believe I myself could. It has been a wonderful experience for me, and I hope to keep learning and availing these opportunities that are right at my home at Gera’s Song of Joy.

Gera's Song of Joy: Nidhi Shrivastava

I wanted to express gratitude for a fantastic swimming teacher at Gera’s Evolve and share a few words about this journey. I joined the swimming workshops with some of my friends, not knowing what to expect. I was not a swimmer, though I have been in water earlier, however the temptation of wanting to avail this fabulous facility helped me want to overcome my fear of the water. The nice part was that the coaches dealt with each of us students differently. They understood that participants differ from each other, and therefore identified techniques that needed to be introduced , especially to get over this inhibition. Fear of the water is something most of us have felt at some point or the other, and it’s a powerful need to deal with this The coaches patience and encouraging manner of teaching has enabled me to greatly conquer my fear of swimming in a way I would never have believed possible. Honestly, I am now becoming much more confident of putting my head into the water and breathing under water. These are not as intimidating any more. I will try and continue this as also encourage my friends to be a part of these lessons which are also filled with lots of practical advice and tips. In fact I feel that if a child is exposed to the water in the initial years, the learning process is much more effective and beneficial. It’s more fun too. Thank you Gera, and the Academy coaches for this learning, support and patience

Gera's Trinity Towers:Gautam Wahi Trinity Towers

The sincerity, care and thoughtfulness that you all exude has made us not think of Gera as a builder that only promises to sell but an organization that lives and breathes its mantra of "Out Do. When we bought our home in Trinity Towers one of the primary motivations was the infrastructure and the affiliations being promised as a part of the Child Centric Homes. Our focus was Raayna and getting her the best of opportunities in any field she wanted to pursue. This made Gera Greensville to come top in our list. To our surprise, however, the decision has made a difference in all our lives. Starting with dad's early morning fruits and tea with a beautiful to sometimes a spectacular sunrise, followed by daily cycling and ending the day with walks have had a profound affect on his peace and happiness. As for Rashmi and I, we run our little startup and we feel completely secure in letting Raayna go to the different classes without us dropping or picking her. Also, weekends have transformed from a visit to a mall or a movie time to an outdoor family time when we either go for basketball or tennis. Hopefully swimming will also get added to the routine . As for Raayna, she always enjoyed her evening play time with friends, and would only go for a class if it was either before or after her play time. Tennis @MBTA with Vikas and Ramu sir has completely changed that. She is now looking forward to the tennis class and does not even bother if she has to skip her playing time. Raayna has started and stopped a few classes over the last couple of years but tennis has been constant in her life. We see a lot of improvement in her movement and hand to eye coordination, but more importantly her love for Tennis is growing. She has a favourite player, "Novak Djokovic" and regularly discusses who is World#1 and who is coming up next. As a part of CCH, Raayna also loves the Shiamak dance classes and is always looking forward to the next batch.Last couple of years have been wonderful for all of us, especially because ours is a very vibrant and involved community. One of the reasons I think is the way Gera has branded itself and Greensville that we are able to attract the right set of people.
Ms Sandhya Verma, a proud participant talks about her love of music.
Gera's Song Of Joy customer diaries | Mrs. Pandey

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