Meet The Legend - Anil Kumble
The much awaited Meet the Legend series was flagged off by Anil Kumble & Rohit Gera at JW Marriott, Pune on January 31st, 2015. Customers from various projects by Gera Developments attended this event. Anil Kumble interacted with everyone & spoke about how a ChildCentric® Home can play an important role in your children's overall development, ensuring an evolved lifestyle for the whole family. The cricketing legend himself, also conducted a masterclass cricket session for cricket enthusiast children & parents.

Gera's Song of Joy, the Best Themed Project of The Year, made its presence felt with home owners in attendance. The winners of the 'Selfie With Kumble' also contest got a chance to meet Anil Kumble.

  • Gera's Song of Joy: Navjeet, Jaspal and little Samar
    Thanks for this wonderful opportunity and it was really an experience meeting Anil Kumble in person. In my opinion, it is a great way to connect with "Song of Joy" project with a sense of pride as well as trust.

    The event was organized very well and the staff was very courteous & helpful though out. This is our second property with Gera and events like these reaffirm our faith in this relationship.
  • Gera's Song of Joy: Akaanksha and Alok Pande
    Thank you for inviting us for the event which was extremely delightful. I think everything was very well managed and we all were quite impressed with the arrangements.

    We all enjoyed the entire event which was kind of a dream come true - meeting Anil Kumble. We hope to attend more events like this and wish you all the very best in managing to come up with these kind of out of the box ideas.
  • Gera's Song of Joy: Kashish and Sunil Kriplani
    To just to say "wow" or "amazing" will not help me to explain that what I had explore. I am very lucky to be a part of Gera. They are giving me that kind of opportunity like to" meet the legend" or "access to success" which r hard to search in my way.

    I couldn't ever think about that how easily I met Mr. Anil Kumble. It was just like a dream comes true. I just want to say GERA is the cause to make my dreams true. Thank you GERA.
  • Gera's Song of Joy : Jayashree and Subhash Manapure
    It was great motivation to the kids & nice interaction for corporate speech where in sharing personal incidents which inspired lot might be to maximum attendant.

    Once again thanks.
  • Gera's Song of Joy : Leena, Vishal and Aryaveer Kotwal
    My family takes this opportunity to thank you for the wonderful event and to let you know how much we enjoyed the event and of course meeting the legend Mr. Kumble was inspiring. I would be grateful if you would pass on my congratulations to the organizing committee and Mr. Gera. You did a great job! I have to say that your excellent organisation, time and effort paid off.
    Looking forward to attend future events. Cheers!!!
  • Gera's Song of Joy : Monica and Nimish Kasar for Harshal and Sadhana Rokade
    First, thank you very much for letting Riddhi n Siddhi attend that great session. The activities that you had the children done during those two days were amazing and we can see how my daughters were excited all about it. And most amazing thing was the last day orientation. We were really amazed by those demonstrations which first looked like magic or supernatural to us! :)My daughters are actually using the memorizing tricks in their studies they learned and their actions are pretty much energetic after the workshop. They also started doing the Brain Yoga daily which is really great.So overall I would say it was a great experience and also the great learning for both children as well as we parent. We are now looking forward to the discussion once the biometric based reports are available.Thanks again for the great opportunity especially for Riddhi and Siddhi that we are sure is greatly helpful in their development.
  • Gera's Song Of Joy: Sanjay Siva Kumar and little Charan
    It was an wonderful experience and a great opportunity to meet the legend. Thanks to Gera for making it happen.
    These kind of events increase confidence level on the CCH projects. Look forward to see more.
  • Gera's Trinity Towers: Dr. Sunita and Sunil Mistri
    It was a great and memorable event. It's our pleasure to hear the legend Anil Kumble. it was pretty much inspiring talk He followed study and passion equally. That's what today's generation needs Rest all of us aware about him

    Gera's selection about his academy is good decision. Team at Gera's taking lot of efforts to give good facilities for kids, we really appreciate this. We are very proud that we have selected our home there.
  • Gera's Trinity Towers: Anuradha and Avinash Thopte
    Hello Anita, It was very well organized event and we were satisfied to be part of the event. Corporate talk with Mr Kumble was very good experience and couple of take away.

    We thank Gera for making this interaction and would like to be a part of upcoming events where in I can bring my kids.
  • Gera's Emerald City: J. P. Yadav
    It was a great experience. This event really made people come together and have interaction with each other. In a nutshell it was an great event wherein people of each age group has enjoyed. Everybody else has also appreciated the way it was planned. So once again on behalf of our family we really thank you for the efforts taken by you and Gera group.
    I would suggest, you should bring your CRM team along with you. So that they can share their views in regards with suggestions which you can implement in your upcoming projects.
  • Gera's Emerald City: N. P. Sharma (President)

    Event was very successful enjoyable and well managed. on behalf of all board of managers, all members of Gera's Emerald City South Condominium, I tender my heartiest congratulations to you and your team for organizing such a wonderful event on short notice.We are also thankful to Mr. Rohit Gera MD for his presence during the event. over all it was a nice and superb event and we all enjoyed well.

  • Gera's Emerald City: Neha Himanshu and little Naira
    It was a great fun event with a lot of participation from the residents. Events like these give an apt platform for the residents to meet each other and come closer. The event was a huge hit among the kids resonating with the 'ChildCentric Homes' approach by GDPL.
  • Gera's Emerald City: Jaji. P. james
    First of all thanks for the wonderful activity, I should tell you , after the completion of 5 years of sales , still Gera developers are engaging with the old customer. This is something unique of Gera , so we really appreciate this gesture. The event was really wonder full specially the anchor and Gola wala.
  • Gera's Emerald City: Shalini and Kashish Tahiliani
    "Lets Beat the heat at Gera Emerald City" Thanks for providing us with such kind of events. It gives a good platform to kids also to show their talent. Next time we can add talent hunt sort of activities for kids.
    Thank you so much for this wonderful event. It gives feeling of togetherness and happiness. Looking forward to many more moments to share.
  • Gera's Emerald City: Bikram Nayak
    The event on 6th June was very good. I personally enjoyed the games and music that kept all age groups glued to the event. Choice of music by the DJ was awesome. 100 marks to the host of the show. :)
    I have been watching him since last three years and it's never been repetitive. He is always enthusiastic and bubbling with new ideas. The food was ok, but can be improved. Thanks and looking forward to the event next year. :)
    Last but not the least, Gera Development team's warm welcome and personal touch to the event always makes it special. Thanks and looking forward to the event next year. :)
  • Gera's Emerald City: CA Prashant Kalpavriksha
    At the outset I would like to thank the Gera family for arranging the event on June 06. Me and my family (Parents, Brother and Sister) enjoyed the event.
    The event was organized very well. What I could find is the enthusiasm with which you had arranged this event. It makes me feel proud to be part of extended Gera Family.
    Looking forward for more of such events.
  • Gera's Emerald City: Priyanka Priyadarshini
    The initiative "Lets Beat the heat at Gera's Emerald City" was an exhilarating experience!!
    In today's times where we hardly get time away from the virtual world of laptops and smartphones, this initiative brought us all under one roof and rekindled the memories that meeting each other rather than greeting on a screen ,laughing together rather than smileys on Whatsapp and playing together rather than video games rejuvenates every cell of our lives.
    Your power packed DJ/Events were a breath of fresh energy to us !The delicious Golas and Noodles were mouth watering and particularly enjoyed by my lil one. We definitely look forward to more such events in the future and appreciate to the core the continuous endeavor of Gera to bring us all closer!
  • Gera's Emerald City: Rashmi, Shaurya & Vikas
    Thank you very much again for all your effort!
    In the times we are living in, it is very difficult to find business owners like Gera who connect with their existing customers even after 4 years and arrange a get together so that everyone including the kids can enjoy. It is not about the money which you guys spend, it is about the dedication, commitment and time which matters and is truly appreciated. Great way to reconnect! Thank you very much for everything!
  • Gera's Emerald City: Sanjukta
    "Gera ECK(S) event- it always is like a breath of fresh air from your everyday live world- busy with work and running along; it was feels good catch up with the family that you extend and live with- the Community your neighbours everyone otherwise so busy meet up after ages and the smiles that assure that we are happy to be with each other and see each other.
    It always is a pleasure to have GERA takes the initiative to arrange this reunion to touch back to base. It is a pleasure to be a part of the continuous association between the Service provider and the customers-GERA our builders or architects of our lodging that we with families turn into homes where OUR world then is... !!!! :)"
  • Gera's Sky Villas: Shraddha Ajit Kulkarni
    Staying at Gera Sky Villa has always been rewarding. The team Gera took a fantastic initiative of connecting with its customers on a daily basis. These days we spend a lot of time on computers, phones and watching television. Gera's fantastic common garden gives us an opportunity to connect with each other and mother nature. Our personal garden in the backyard is lively with chirping birds. One of them has even built a nest! Connecting to nature is a peaceful and rewarding experience that stimulates our mind and spirit.
  • Gera's Emerald City: Saichaitanya
    The party organized on 6th June'15 was fabulous. Anchor was very active and entertaining.
    Good choices of games for youngsters and DJ was body shaking. Food was delicious. Just one point that the old age people should also be involved in a decent game, so that they don't feel out of place.
    Hope we will have such kind of get-togethers in future.
  • Gera's GreensVille: Abida and Sameer Shaikh
    The session was very well organized, right from setting up the time to communication on every front including the last minute additions we had. Communication, co-ordination and treatment to us was fabulous. We feel we are given a treatment of the new customer with apt attention while we enjoy the perks of been one of the old ones.

    The session was amazing. Kids enjoyed the interaction thoroughly with Mr. Kumble. He continued to be a very fine gentleman and gave us not just the opportunity to peek into his success story but also was kind enough to share his experiences and motivate not just us but the kids too. A few photo clicks with him were the icing on the cake :) This session for us is a classic example of how committed The Child Centric brand is to us and our children been a part of the Gera Family.
  • Gera's Emerald City.: Rajul and Akhil Agarwal
    I am writing this mail to you as a satisfied customer of Gera Developers. Most of the builders just sell the property and never connect with the residents again (until and unless some monetary matters are involved) . This is not the case with your group and that is the reason you are unique. The efforts which you and your team take to organize various events for kids are worth appreciation.

    The homes may not be very flashy with various amenities but we get a lot of peace in our house and i think that is the most important thing. That is the reason we have purchased another flat in the same block for our parents. Thank you once again!! Once again a big thank you!!
  • Gera's Park View : Amit Gaurav and family
    Thank you so much for inviting us to the Gera event. We really enjoyed a lot during the whole program. Especially, the corporate talk was entertaining as well as very inspiring.

    It was a real delight to watch the cricket legend Anil Kumble and listen to his life stories. The whole event was superbly organized and the hospitality was no less than awesome! Thanks again to the whole Gera team for taking initiative for "Meet the Legend"!
  • Gera's Park View: Jaykumar Motwani and family
    This was my first personal interaction with the GERA family. The event was well organized in a professional manner and we had a chance to see and listen to the vision of senior management team of GERA. Listening to ANIL KUMBLE live was memorable experience. I also liked his session which you had planned with children. It feels proud to be associated with such a professional Builder. GERA delivers what it commits.

    I could see the seriousness with which the GERA management is working to provide quality and high end amenities to its customers. I look forward to see and be part of many more events from GERA.
  • Gera's SkyVilla : Pulipati Gopal/Susheela/Vamshi
    It was great to be part of the event "Meet the Legend - Anil Kumble". As myself was a leg-spinner during my cricket days, meeting ANIL KUMBLE will certainly fit into "One of a few of memorable days of my life". Vamshi got literally thrilled when he met Mr. Anil Kumble in person, am sure Vamshi will cherish those moments for a long.

    Thank you for having organized the same. This Child Centric Initiative is a class a part and am sure this makes you a clear differentiator. looking forward to be part of more such events.
  • Gera's SkyVilla : Anvi, Nandini, Archana and Navneet Agarwal
    I wish to thank the Gera team for inviting me and giving me the opportunity to "Meet the legend"Mr. Anil Kumble. Besides being thankful i am totally impressed by the kind of activities you keep on arranging for the kids as well as the parents.

    Gera is proving itself at its best through their new project "child centric homes" and i am sure it is going to rock the city. All the best.
  • Gera's SkyVilla : Raghav, Savitha and Praveen
    First of all our heartfelt thanks for extending us an invitation to be a part of such a memorable event. Meeting Anil Kumble was a dream come true for us. Who doesn't admire this man who is so humble and down to earth and hearing him talk reinforced that image of him. The event was so well organized, having a separate area for the kids and a separate interaction for them was a great thought. This ensured that we could also concentrate completely on what he said. And the session with him was so good and gave insight into the life of such a great cricketer. Bringing a corporate perspective into the whole interaction made the discussion very focused.

    The arrangements were very nice and the whole event was organized very well indeed. It was a great honour being a part of this event and we feel proud of belonging to the Gera community which will make it possible for our kids to get coaching from these personalities. Thank you very much once again.
  • Gera's Emerald City : Dr.Veena and Sandeep Arora
    I truly appreciate such initiatives that Gera group takes in an innovative way. My Kids thoroughly enjoyed and the best part was that Mr.Kumble trained all children individually and gave them valuable tips.

    I am sure all of them will cherish these moments for very long time.
  • Gera's Sky Villas: Johan Jason Jolly and Alex George
    Let me take this opportunity to first Congratulate you for this wonderful initiative from Gera Developments. These initiatives of engagement with your customers not only speaks volumes of the intent for customer services post sales which is seldom seen or heard of , for any builders. Whether it be the pool party , family fair or the sports day, all of them were superlative initiatives which brought about a sense of togetherness amongst the Gera's community. We do look forward to the monthly magazine which keeps us updated on the initiatives and comments from all the participants on their feeling. I will truly agree that Gera builders are not only about building homes with Brick & motor but about building communities who are proud to be part of this. I wish you lots of luck & good wishes to carry on with these initiatives.
  • Gera's Emerald City : Shantanu, Pooja and Sachin Chhaparia
    Excellent initiative from Gera to introduce legends from Sports field to the children. Kids showed a lot of enthusiasm and enjoyed the time spent with Mr Anil Kumble. It certainly encouraged both kids and parents to consider Sports as a career. It was a well organized event, where not kids spent some quality time with Mr Kumble but parents also got an insight into what it takes to become a legend in sport. Kudos to Gera team for organizing such events and remain connected with their customers.
  • Gera's GreensVille: Arnold, Margaret & Amedeus - D'SOUZA
    "Congratulations and a Sincere Thank You for organizing creative events and workshops which benefit kids in so many ways most importantly bring smiles on their faces and give them so much joy. I appreciate Gera's building relationships through Community workshops and events which is a positive step in the right direction. There should be more family oriented events held together where in families of various other communities join together, get to know each other and make new friends to share life's experiences with each other. Thank you to all at Gera's for the wonderful effort made with such events/workshops."
  • Gera's Sky Villas: Dishita Uttamchandani and family
    Thank you for the amazing and meaningful time we spent at Gera for the cooking workshop It was a sensory delight-not only did our stomach get nourished but our minds and spirits too. I loved the introduction and detailing of each recipe, it was Feasting and Celebration of wonderfully prepared food and , Why and How food should taste this good. While I made new friends and had g8 learning -making cup cakes, pastas, wraps and many more. We also had good time celebrating our friends birthday. Thank you for this wonderful exposure and hope will happy many more !
  • Gera's Sky Villas: Atharva, Geetanjali and Sagar Hemade
    It was great fun and learning for Atharva. He enjoyed the event so much he spent lots of time to offer all his delicacies to his grandparents and cousins , explaining how he cooked it and stories of the good time he had. Indeed apart from the cooking skills we realised that there was focus on encouraging the kids to follow cleanliness and discipline while having fun. Many thanks to yourself and the entire team to give Atharva and his friends a memorable afternoon and a good learning opportunity. Look forward to more such events from the Gera team!
    "I loved the class very much.It was a great little time for the best food.I had not seen any other class like this. Thank you and lots of love!"

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