5 Indian Cricketers Who Achieved Fame At A Very Young Age

In India, cricket is not just a game, it’s a religion. No other game has ever enjoyed so much popularity in our country. If you think your son/daughter is too young to start playing professional cricket, the following cricket greats will surely prove you wrong –

Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi:
At 21 years and 77 days, Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi held the world record for the youngest Test captain until he was surpassed by Tatenda Taibu (Zimbabwe). But he had started making headlines right from his school days at Winchester. He captained the school team in 1959, scoring 1,068 runs that season and beating the school record set in 1919 by Douglas Jardine.

Sachin Tendulkar:
Imagine playing against the likes of Imran Khan, Abdul Qadir & Wasim Akram at the age of just 16. For Sachin Tendulkar, it all started in a Lord Harris Shield inter-school game against St. Xavier’s High School in 1988. He scored 326 (not out) and was involved in a 664 run partnership – a record partnership in any form of cricket until 2006. He was just 15 years old then.

Vinod Kambli:
If you aren’t aware of the other player in the record-breaking 664 run partnership with Sachin, here’s the answer – Vinod Kambli. He started his Ranji Trophy career with a six and that six was a sign of the great things to come.
Fun fact: Sachin Tendulkar & Vinod Kambli were trained by the same coach – Mr. Ramakant Achrekar.

Yuvraj Singh:
Yuvraj began his cricketing career at the age of 11 when he was picked for the Punjab Under-12 team. He was selected in the Indian Cricket Team at the age of just 19 and went on to become of the most prolific hitters and a reliable all-rounder.

Prithvi Shaw:
This name might sound a bit unfamiliar, as compared to the others in this list, but Prithvi Shaw is touted to be the next Sachin Tendulkar. Sounds interesting? In November 2013 Prithvi had set the highest score by any batsman in any organised form of cricket since 1901, when he hit 546 in a Harris Shield elite division match.

Yes, your kid too can make it this big in cricket, but for that, you need to find the right coaching academy to nurture his/her talent. And what better academy than the one by Anil Kumble, one of India’s greatest ever spinners?
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Chess Prodigies Every Parent Should Know About

Considering getting your child involved in playing chess?
Just like how regular football keeps your child physically fit, chess trains your child’s mind to think a few moves ahead.

India has the distinction of having some of the brightest young minds in chess, who compete internationally to win accolades for the country.
Here are some Indian chess prodigies to inspire you:

Aryan Chopra
Aryan started playing chess at the age of six, and is currently the youngest grandmaster in the world. Born in 2001, Aryan Chopra became a chess grandmaster for the third time in 2017 at the age of 15.

Parimarjan Negi
Parimarjan Negi is a chess grandmaster and former Asian and Indian champion in chess. He received the title of grandmaster at the age of 13. He also received the Arjuna Award – for excellence in sport – from the Government of India in 2010.

Humpy Koneru
In 2002, at the age of 15, Humpy Koneru became the youngest woman to achieve the title of chess grandmaster. She won three gold medals at the World Youth Chess Championship in 1997. In 2007, at the age of 22, she was conferred the Padma Shri Award for being an inspiration to children around the world.

Praggnanandhaa Rameshbabu
Praggnanandhaa Rameshbabu is an 11-year old chess grand master from India. He is the world’s youngest chess GM in history and won the World Youth Chess Championship under-8 boys title in 2013.

Viswanathan Anand
Viswanathan Anand was once known as the lightening kid, for his meteoric rise in the world of chess. At the age of 18 he became India’s first grandmaster at the Asian Junior Chess Championship.

Thirty years on, from grandmaster to educator, Viswanathan Anand is now designing programs to train young minds. In fact, India’s undisputed guru of chess is opening his academy at Song of Joy in Kharadi. Pune.

Featuring spacious 2 & 3 bedroom apartments, Song of Joy offers an environment that is safe, fun & convenient for your child to grow and develop.
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Reality Shows – The Perfect Platform for Budding Singers

Today we all know Sunidhi Chauhan as an immensely popular singer. If your daughter is a budding singer, you will surely want her to succeed the way Sunidhi did. But what if Sunidhi hadn’t participated in Meri Awaz Suno? For those who don’t know about Meri Awaz Suno, it was the first singing reality show on Doordarshan.
Sunidhi was just 13 years old when she was honoured with the Lata Mangeshkar Trophy for the best female singer of India. Of course, she made it on her talent, but no one can deny the contribution of Meri Awaz Suno. In addition, the credit must also go to her parents who left no stone unturned in nurturing her talent and encouraged her to pursue her dream.

In an era when there were legendary singers such as Kishore Kumar, Manna De, Mohammad Rafi and Mukesh, there must have been thousands of singers who never got their due, only because they did not have a platform to showcase their talent. A few won the struggle, but many more couldn’t! And we are sure you would want your kids to make it big in their field of choice without too many hardships.

This is where reality shows make a difference. Did you know? Shreya Ghoshal was just 16 years old when she won Zee’s Sa Re Ga Ma. And not just Shreya Ghoshal, reality shows have given the music industry many more talented singers such as Arijit Singh, Bela Shende, Shekhar Ravjiyani (from the Vishal-Shekhar duo) and Monali Thakur, to name a few.

We grew up in an era where there were hardly any such platforms available. Today, when we notice the talent in our kids, we must make sure he/she utilizes the potential of reality shows such as Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Little Champs, Indian Idol Junior, Rising Star, Voice of India Kids, etc.

But before that, your kids need the right nurturing – they deserve the best coaching to be India’s next rockstars. If you are looking for a singing academy in Pune, we recommend Shankar Mahadevan’s Music Academy at Gera’s Song of Joy in Kharadi, Pune. And interestingly, the music maestro is also judging a singing realty show called Rising Stars by Colours TV.

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5 Tennis Stars Your Kids Can Look Up To

Got the next tennis star in the house? Practice may make perfect, but your little one needs inspiration and motivation from all around the world. The tennis players we’ve mentioned here have beaten all odds, paved their way through hurdles, and become successful through sheer determination and courage. These are the tennis stars your child needs to look up to:

1. Mahesh Bhupathi

One of India’s as well as the world’s most celebrated tennis champions, Mahesh Bhupathi started playing tennis at a very young age, encouraged by his father. While at the University of Mississippi, he had an outstanding two-year career, where he earned both singles as well as doubles All-America honours back in 1995. Ever since, Mahesh Bhupathi has been unstoppable, and has even received one of India’s greatest civilian awards, the Padma Shri, in 2001.

2. Maria Sharapova

Here’s a tennis champion who, despite her young age, won accolades in the field of tennis that many accomplished players still dream of. Maria Sharapova earned a scholarship to train at the Nick Bollettieri Tennis Academy at a tender age of 9, and is the first Russian woman to win the prestigious Wimbledon. With countless wins to her name, she remains one of the most revered female tennis players of the world, and even has other ventures like Maria Sharapova Foundation to support her charitable causes.

3. Serena Williams

It’s not an easy feat to have 23 Grand Slam singles to your name, but Serena Williams did it with utmost panache. The champion began her intensive training at the age of 3 and has had record-breaking success in her career. Serena, along with her sister Venus, has won many doubles championships and secured the #1 ranking.

4. Sania Mirza

She didn’t let her community’s orthodoxies come in the way of success and this is what makes Sania Mirza one of the greatest tennis players of today’s time. Sania started playing tennis as early as the age of 6 and today, is the highest ranked female tennis player ever from India, with a career high ranking of 27 in singles and 18 in doubles. In fact, she was the first female tennis player to be seeded in a Grand Slam tournament. Her career has had many ups and downs, but she came out stronger each time, bringing laurels for her family and her country.

5. Andre Agassi

With a whopping 60 career tittles to his name, including 8 Grand Slam Singles Titles, Andre Agassi was always a rock star in the court. The champion’s successful 20-year career didn’t come as easy as you would think though. He started playing tennis right from the age of 3, and was already considered a special talent by the age of 5. With many crests and troughs throughout his career, he was later known much better for his fitness and mental approach, than his tennis skills.

While these 5 players make excellent role models for your aspiring young tennis star, it’s rare that you get an opportunity to actually train him/her under the learning of one of them.
Gera’s ChildCentric™ homes at Song of Joy in Kharadi, Pune, come with a range of amenities including a Mahesh Bhupathi Tennis Academy. Explore these 2 & 3 BHK homes with celebrity academies and offer your little one a chance at a brighter future.

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Lillete Dubey theatre and drama academy

5 Ways Drama Classes can Benefit Your Child

When you think of a theatre actor, you imagine a person who is self-assured, extroversive, articulate and socially adept – someone who carries themselves with grace and confidence.

Theatre and drama can instil these qualities in your child too. Here are just five of the changes you will see in your child within a few months of taking drama classes:

- He/she will be more confident
Drama is an expressive art form. Your child will learn to express his/her thoughts and feelings confidently among peers.

- His/Her vocabulary will improve
Children who practice drama have a better command over vocabulary – partly from learning scripts and partly from the resulting exposure to well-written literature.

- He/she will learn to think on their feet
Being confident, adapting to different reactions and addressing unexpected situations are something children learn on stage. As a result, they are able to adapt these learnings to the different roles they play at school, home and on the playground.

- He/she will be more inspired
Every child needs a hobby to divert their enthusiasm and intelligence. Drama will inspire your child to be more passionate about their dreams and to work towards achieving them.

- He/she will become more friendly and outgoing
Drama teaches a child to be more interactive and social. Children who study drama are better adjusted and participate more in school and at home.

Lillete Dubey theatre and drama academyIf you’re looking to bring out the best in your child, what better way than enrolling him/her in drama class? And what better drama class than one run by a celebrity right at your doorstep?

Gera’s Song of Joy, Kharadi, offering 2 & 3 BHK homes, is in association with eminent film & theatre actress Lillete Dubey to bring theatre classes for children within the development.

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5 Parenting Tips for Raising Well-rounded Kids

Let’s be honest, parenting is a lifetime calling that comes with its set of ups and downs. It requires dedication, patience, efforts and not to forget, dollops of love.
There’s no guide book on parenting but you could use a few handy tips that will assist you on your journey:

1. Instil a strong sense of self
A child’s mind is easy to mould – which is why you must be careful. In these formative years your child will develop his own personality. Help him by inculcating a strong sense of self-belief and worth.
Parents often go wrong when they project their own dreams and aspirations on their kids. Let them explore and discover the world at ease. As long as it’s not harmful, allowing them to find their way is a good idea.

2. Shower them with praises
You must realise that failure is a part of growing – it indicates that your child is trying and learning. Do not reprimand him/her unnecessarily. On the contrary, remember to praise and encourage them on every little achievement. It will fuel their drive for success and boost confidence.

3. Encourage the habit of reading
It is never too early to start reading. Even if your little one is very young and cannot read by himself, make sure you set aside story-telling time. As you read aloud, he/she will be able to notice the rhythms of language, which will help them build a listening vocabulary and enhance cognitive skills.

4. Teach them a sport!
Physical activity is important. Children are open to learning and enthusiastic too. Sign them up for lessons in a sport they show inclination towards – they may grow to love it.
Kids who are on sports and dance teams also learn how to work in groups. Besides, they learn to fit into social settings, which benefits them later on in life.

5. Be authoritative yet warm
Showering your child with love, warmth and attention is a basic necessity. Yet don’t let the affection overpower your authority. Being strict and knowing when to tell your child a firm ‘no’ is essential. That way, you set limits and teach him to set healthy boundaries for himself later on in life.

Above everything, set an example. Be what you would want your child to be. Kids look up to their parents, mirroring every word and move. Focus on empathy and kindness – they will adopt the trait.

After all, nothing gives children more happiness than knowing they’ve helped someone. Teach them compassion for all and watch them grow into wonderful, well-rounded human beings!

When raising your child right is a priority, you must not neglect the kind of space they grow up in. If you’re looking for homes that are perfectly crafted to suit your child’s every need, come home to Gera’s Song of Joy – luxury 2 bedroom flats in Kharadi, Pune.
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How your Home Influences your Kids’ Childhood

It’s a well-known scientific fact that the environment your child experiences in the first five years of his or her life shapes the adults they’re slated to become. It is the memories, the relationships, and the influences that helps children develop abilities to learn the social and emotional skills they need for live. Needless to say, where, and in what settings, children live in has everything to do with it.

song of joy kharadi pune

A home with a nurturing environment aids your child in the things they see, hear, touch, smell and tastes. The happier, more qualitative these experiences are, the better the simulations in your child’s brain. These are the connections that build the very foundation of behavioral learning.

In his or her early years, the child has nothing but their family, school, and a residential community to interact with. The better these environmental settings are, the more influence your child experiences with time. Development in their language, a feeling of independence and competitiveness, and most importantly, long-lasting relationships are what determines how your child will bounce back from tough times in the future.

And, speaking of relationships, the most important relationship that your child has is with you. To unlock their maximum potential during their formative years, you need to ensure that they’re an integral part of a nurturing community that promotes healthy behaviour, prioritises education and proper communication, and helps building good social and emotional skills.

Enter Song of Joy by Gera Developments, magnificently placed in Gera’s GreensVille, Kharadi – one of the most reputed residential projects in Kharadi, Pune that comprises Child-Centric homes for every aspect of a child’s growth. Featuring spacious and luxurious 2 & 3 bedroom apartments, Song of Joy offers an environment that is safe, fun & convenient for your little one to develop.

childcentric homes kharadi pune

Among the many highlights of Song of Joy is the elite amenities and secure features to help build your child’s shining future. The residential township is associated with celebrity academies that nurture your child’s potential and offer a once-in-a-lifetime chance to be coached by celebrities like Shankar Mahadevan, Vishwanathan Anand, Mahesh Bhupathi & many more.
So, wait no more! Give your child the future they deserve!
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Vishwanathan Anand

Meet the stars who’ll coach your children at Gera’s Song Of Joy

As parents, we always try and make sure that our kids learn the right values and are presented with the appropriate opportunities to do things that we never could. We would readily sacrifice our pleasure and time for their success. As they learn and grow, we learn more about parenting as well. Parenting isn’t easy, but it sure is one of the most beautiful things in life.
We all know that along with our family members, it’s our homes that greatly affect the childhood of our kids and designing such a home is our goal at Gera Developers. Presenting ‘Song of Joy’ – a ChildCentric TM development that focuses on every aspect of your child’s well-being.

Located in Kharadi, Pune’s highly active economic zone, it provides a whole new world of convenience to you and your loved ones.
At Song of Joy, we’ve got on board a set of distinguished individuals who will coach your kids and nurture the various talents they have. Their incandescence would empower your kids to reach out to new heights. Here is a look at the stars who will coach your kids at Gera’s Song of Joy.

Anil Kumble
Anil Kumble cricket academy at gera song of joy
Fondly named ‘Jumbo’ and ‘Spin-King’, Mr. Anil Kumble is the head coach of India’s cricket team. Under his guidance, your kids will learn how to take on tricky situations with courage.

Mahesh Bhupathi
mahesh bhupati Tennis Academy at gera song of joy
The recipient of Padma Shri award and several Tennis grand slams, Mr. Mahesh Bhupathi will teach your kids how to smash through life’s troubles by working hard.

Shiamak Davar
Shiamak Davar dance academy at gera song of joy
Teach your kids how to revel and bloom under challenge that life will throw at them under the brilliance and grace of Mr. Shiamak Davar.

Shankar Mahadevan
Shankar Mahadevan Music Academy
Music is a language that everyone understands and loves, it is the oxygen to our soul and fuel to our heart. With Mr. Shankar Mahadevan, one of the most renowned artists in the music industry, your kids will fall in love with the melody of life.

Vishwanathan Anand
Viswanathan Anand Chess Academy
Teach your kids the importance of strategy and planning from Mr. Vishwanathan Anand, India’s Chess Grandmaster and a World Chess Champion

Lillete Dubey
Lillete Dubey theatre and drama academy
Teach your kids the art of expression under the renowned theatre, television and film actress – Lillete Dubey.

To know more about the development, visit Gera’s Song of Joy



10 Useful Tips for Travelling with Children

Travelling with children isn’t as easy as people think. Sure, you love your kids, but while travelling, you’ve got to be prepared for absolutely anything! Here are 10 simple ways to make sure you stay clear from an uneasy journey for you and your kids:

1. Take your time. Toddlers love to explore without the time pressures of travel.

2. Book ahead of time. Planning a spontaneous trip might cause a lot of delays, waiting and mismanagement that will give you and your kids the feeling of uneasiness.

3. Keeping your kids occupied throughout the journey is one way to keep them engaged and give you the space and quiet as well. Something as simple as giving them a camera or more so, a colouring book.

4. Study your destination well, especially the climate factor. Whether the weather turns out to be too hot or too cold, make sure you pack accordingly. Children dressed comfortably for the weather will be happier in a new environment.

5. Pack pull-ups for potty training. Planes and public transport during the potty training days can be a nightmare. Putting them back on pull-ups just for the journey can be very useful.

6. Don’t forget to carry some extra motion sickness, jet-lag and illness medicines. Children sometimes get affected by the change of climate and weather thus end up falling ill.

7. Don’t let a single moment get filled with inactivity. Keeping your child occupied is the best way to keep them happy on a vacation.

8. Here’s a thoughtful way to keep them happy. Give them a travel journal. Allow them to write down each experience they’ve felt throughout their journey. This is something you could probably save and give it to your kids when they grow up.

9. Involve your older kids during the planning stage. Gathering their inputs as well will get them excited and will make them look forward to the trip themselves. It’s better than having a quiet sulky teenager sitting in the corner with his phone.

10. Avoid the sugar rush. There’s no difficult task like handing a child with a sugar rush while travelling.

And there you have it. Follow one simple golden rule, as long as your child is happy and is having a good time, you will too!



5 Yummy Breakfast Ideas for Your Little Ones

As parents, our first and foremost aim is to make sure that our children are being fed only the most nutritious and healthy food. A good, wholesome diet ensures that our kids remain super-active and keep all diseases at bay. So, here are 5 scrumptious kid-friendly breakfast ideas that’ll help you fill the tummies of your little ones without creating a ruckus every morning! Take a look:

1. Scrambled eggs and toast
While eggs are one of our children’s favourite super-foods, they are also powerhouse of wholesome nutrition. Add some milk while whisking and serve the dish with a ketchup or mayo dip to create a less-spicy and more mouth-watering version.

2. Pancakes
Pancakes are those heavy-weight champions that’ll keep your children full till lunch time, for sure. You can try as many versions as you want, with different toppings and sauces.

3. Carrot & Beetroot Uttapam
Many-a-times our kids develop a fondness for the non-spicy South Indian cuisine. Give it a playful twist and one lovely dish is ready to be served!

4. Green Chutney Sandwich
Sandwiches are the knight in shining armour when it comes to feeding our kids. They love them all! The green chutney will help you add colour and freshness to the same.

5. Smoothie / Milk Shakes
Every child loves to have a cool milk or yoghurt based drink. Take the sweetest of seasonal fruits and blend it with honey, yoghurt or milk. One glass down and your kid ready to conquer the world!

While cooking is the most essential part of it all, do not forget to add some mommy-daddy love and an attractive garnishing. Lastly, there’s nothing better than sitting together and enjoying the different meals of the day. In our fast-paced lives, it might be difficult but not impossible to make this happen. So, take some moments out to introduce your kids to the world of healthy and happy meals! All the best cooking!